What is an ADU?

An ADU is a secondary living area attached to, or built on the property of an existing residence. They are used to generate income or provide an additional living space. 

There are three main types of ADUs that we’ll be looking at in this article: attached, detached, and interior conversions. Furthermore, these three types have different sub-types to categorize them further. 

Attached ADU

  • Garage conversion (if the garage is connected to the house)
  • Second-story additions (this can be on the house itself or on the attached garage
  • New additions to the home itself
  • “Mother-in-law suite”

Detached ADU

  • Garage conversion (when the garage is separate from the house)
  • New construction (building from the ground up)
  • “Backyard cottage” or “granny flat”

Interior Conversion

  • Basement apartment 
  • Attic remodel 
  • “Junior ADU”

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