ADU Builders Group, a company specialized in the construction of ADU’s was created thinking of supporting the solution of the housing need that exists in our community and the entire California State, as well as guiding homeowners, generate more income and maximize their properties by building ADUs. The current process is very cumbersome so we have developed a one-stop-shop from permits to construction. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and make a difference in our communities.

Our clients are able to generate on average over $2,000+ in
monthly rental income. ADUs in the Bay Area increase the value
of their house by adding additional legalized livable space.


It all starts with a call to start analyzing and understanding your needs for your ADU project.
Step #1
Our team of professionals will explain and guide you in a clear and Stressless way to all your ADU project processes.
Step #2
Our architect, engineer, and a designer will start the ADU design and plans, after you approve it they will be submitted for the city review to obtain the construction permit.
Step #3
Ready to Build your ADU. We’ll keep you up to date on the building process.

Step #4
Your ADU Grand Opening! Ready to use as you decide.

Step #5

We Provide you with 10 Years of Warranty on your ADU

Full 10 Years warranty in the structural components

Full 3 years of warranty in the interior work

Let Our Solid Reputation Be Your Guarantee!

How much will my ADU cost?

The costs of an ADU vary mainly depends on some factors such as:

Regulations of the City where the property is located
Type of construction or conversion of the unit (standard or high-end finish)

The needs that our clients have for the construction of each ADU is different, we work so that our clients take advantage and satisfy their needs, especially that they obtain the value of each dollar that they invest in their property.

Our History,

Based in Los Gatos CA, Adu Builders Group Is a well operated residential construction company. Since its inception, our company has matured into a successful and dependable construction company. We have been operating since 2007, and over the years we’ve worked with many homeowners and real estate agents. Engineers, designers, and architects have constructed/renovated hundreds of establishments and homes including dozens of A.D.U’s. Our great experience, along with a clean history with the California State Contractors Board has kept us consistently working throughout the years. It is our responsibility to provide a clear and understandable contract and to put forth, enough work to be able to do High End-Quality Renovation.


Our Full Team of Professional can help with:


Do you need an extra income? Do you need an extra living space? There is a historic shortage of new homes in the Bay Area! This is a great opportunity to capitalize on the strong rental market while increasing the value of your house and lifestyle.


We assure you that with our ADU’s you will have your own space where no one will be able to invade your private space.

Economic Rent While Keeping your Property

Keep your property and pay less rent. You can get an ADU to live in your property and rent your main home. Comfort at home while getting income!


In 2020 very significant changes were made in the regulation to build ADU’s for the benefit of California homeowners in which the
construction of 2 units per property was increased, for more information please contact us, we are here to guide you in the process Our clients who have already built an ADU make $2,000+ as extra income every month. Additionally, their property’s value will increase while increasing the living space.


Multi Family ADU’s

In 2020, significant changes have been made to benefit the housing laws in all cities of the state of California, with the approval of a maximum of two ADU’s per multi-family building, such as Detached ADU and JADU without applying any local development standards.

Detached New Construction A.D.U

An independent structure entirely separate from the primary dwelling that includes full services such as the kitchen, bathroom, water heater, including its own address.

New Attached Home Addiction A.D.U

A home addition that includes full services such as the kitchen, bathroom, water heater, including own address.

Attached or Detached Garage Conversion, Interior Conversion & JR A.D.U

A conversion of an existing garage, bedroom, living room, or any structure that includes full services such as the kitchen, bathroom, water heater, including its own address.